DarkStar...the epic begins - Welcome to my magical DarkStar world!
 New Happenings:)...

I'm so excited to share the great things that are happening in My DarkStar World!! DarkStar began with me...then Matt Lande became my side kick when he wrote, produced and recorded our 3 song DarkStar EP and performed and starred in the DS music videos. Haley King became Amrie and Daniel Webster joined us as cinematographer, filming the DarkStar music video and now three more amazing people have become part of My DarkStar World!! 

I'm excited to announce that the amazingly talented artist, Wes Jacobson  has finished the cover for my second novel, Wizard. How sweet is that!!?? Wes airbrushed the total portrait and I'm so excited to let you see it! It won't be long now!!
Check out his incredible talent at www.wickedevilstudios.com.

I'm also stoked that the talented Kayla Barclay Hall is the new PR person for My DarkStar World!! Kayla is one of the most positive and energetic people I know. Her credentials speak for themselves and one of her funnest accomplishments, other than being a mommy to Landon and baby-to-be, but was to serve as Miss Utah 2008. I'm so excited to welcome Kayla to My DarkStar World team!! Follow Kayla at www.kaylabhall.wordpress.com.

The incredible Tristi Pinkston has also become a very important part of My DarkStar World, taking on the roll of editor (and possibly chief:) for my novels. She's reading and doing a clean edit of DarkStar in preparation for Wizard. Tristi is an accomplished author as well as an editor. Learn more about her career at www.tristipinkston.com and her editing services at www.tristipinkstonediting.blogspot.com

Another new tidbit.... Matt Lande and I have been brainstorming about making the DarkStar EP into a full album. We've talked about it for some time, but are getting serious about it now. I love the 3 songs we have and can't wait for more!! Once again, check out Matt's website www.mattlande.net. He always has fun new stuff going on:)

While you're viewing these great sites, don't forget to stop by and check out our cinematographer, Daniel Webster's work at www.urbanillusion.com. You can also contact him through his site if you need a great and talented guy to do video for you:) And a special note, Daniel is a new daddy!!

A HUGE THANX to these awesome people for sharing their talents with me and you. They are adding to and making My DarkStar World a much better place!!

Keep an eye out for new news:)xo

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