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             The Music

How it began....

     When I was writing DarkStar, I was aware of how hard it is to market a book so one of my goals was to have a song written for my story and have a music video made for that song ... hopefully, a good marketing strategy. It was something that was at the back of my mind, so when, Matt Lande connected with me on Twitter and I saw that he was a musician, I followed his links. The first thing I saw was his, "Walking with Ghosts" video and I was instantly intrigued! He had such a magical, mystical sound and his voice gave me chills. He had the sound I was hoping to find for my DarkStar song. Check it out why I wanted Matt Lande to write my DarkStar song:)

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Heaven Is Where "Walking With Ghosts"
Directed by Matt Silver (www.theSilverDynamic.com) |Starring Melanie Lyn Thompson |www.myspace.com/HeavenIsWhere
      I immediately messaged Matt & told him how awesome I thought his music was and was excited when he responded. After communicating with him a bit, I got up the nerve to ask him if he would consider reading my novel and writing a song for it. He graciously accepted, even though he really wasn't into reading at the time. He was working on his second album, Welcome Home the Child and said it would probably take him quite a while to read it. I sent him a 29 page synopsis of DarkStar, thinking that it would give him the insight he needed to write a song, but he soon decided that he wanted to read the whole novel so he wouldn't miss anything. I thought that was cool:)
      In the process of reading, Matt was inspired to write, not one, but three songs. Over the next few months, he wrote, recorded and produced the songs into the 3 song EP that I now market with my book. The CD will eventually be made into a full album:):)
      It didn't take Matt & I long to see that we had a unique project going; an author and a musician coming together in a common cause so we decided to join forces in our endeavor. Since we're both independent artists, we've financed our own projects up to this point and was in need of the financing to help accomplish our goals. One of my clients told me about, "KickStarters," a site dedicated to creative artists to help them find financial backers for their projects. We submitted a proposal to them and was accepted within one day. Our KS project, "Magic...when word & song collide," was a success and, thanks to our awesome backers, (who are all listed on this page,) we were able to move forward.

   Our project goals included: producing,mixing, mastering, recording and pressing both the 3 song DarkStar EP and Matt's Welcome Home the Child album, doing music videos for one or more of the DarkStar songs and printing more DarkStar novels.
      Matt worked hard to finish our DarkStar EP and his record label is still mastering his WHTC album.

3 Song DarkStar EP
Written, recorded and produced by Matt Lande. Inspired by the novel, DarkStar

We're still so very grateful to our amazing
Kickstarter backers:
Jeannie & Jack Cox, Susan Larsen, Meredith Kent, Teresa Barrera, Landan Hansen, Robbie Hansen, Brittany Zabriskie,  Ron & Claudia James,Mary Pitt, Shauna Kelsch, Wendy Cheney, Judy Martinez, Marnie Watkins, Sharon Cairney, Wilma Thomas, Tamra Thomas, Merlene Robertson, Tammy Morre, Lynda Wintch, Lee Anna Haymond, Christine Arthur, Diane Cox, Anthony Cardno, Sarah Cheney, Gloria Sanchez, Roy Nilson, Darcy McCoy, Clint Hansen, Emily Sauer, Scarlett Beavis, Steve & Natalie Cragun, Eva Erkinger, Renee Kapella Johnson, Jaylene Mortensen, Darla Anderson, Ric & Jeanne Frasse, Ellen Chieco, Tammy Jeffs, Carol King, Rachel Dettinger, Linda Cooper, Maggie Haught, Amy Toenies, Kim Hunt, Lauren Barker, Susan Squire, Darcie Dickinson, Anastasia, Robin Mileto, Nancy Sponable, Linda Blake, Barbara Lund, Amber Keisel, Kristi Wintch, Vickie Robins, Erin Omwake, Sonia DeMill, Janelle Harper, Maria Aparecida de Oliveria, Becky Kjar, Tewana Jackson, AmandanMecham, Nicki Nalor, Teresa? Helen?, Ginnie Rivera.

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Talking about my history with music and other stuffff
This is one of the videos Matt did for our KickStarter project.. Fun to hear about how it all started:)

Matt formed the band, "Heaven Is Where" and released his debut album, "Stories from Yesterday" after touring with different bands, the most recent, "Storyside B." "Welcome Home the Child" is his new acoustic release.

After the completion of our project to this point, Matt did another album, "Best of Matt Lande" and he just released "GLOW."

Check out more about Matt at:

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