DarkStar...the epic begins - Welcome to my magical DarkStar world!

DarkStar...the videos
DarkStar and Amrie videos -- as well as pictures of the shoot:)

I want to say a huge THANK YOU to the ever amazing MATT LANDE. I'm so grateful to be sharing this awesome venture with him, for without his generosity and talent...none of this would be happening:) THANK YOU to our incredible cinematographer, DANIEL WEBSTER. His professionalism and expertise shows in everything he does and his work speaks for itself. If you need any video work done, we highly recommend himl! Check out his link below:)  THANK YOU so much to, HALEY KING who took time out of her busy schedule to play Amrie. She's amazing and played my main character beautifully!  THANK YOU to RUSS MAYO; camera man, McKINZIE HANSEN; crew, KEN CANNON; Jeep, RON & CLAUDIA JAMES & DAN WILKINS for letting  us crash (not trash...lol) their places! Love you all!!!

Check out DANIEL WEBSTER'S WEBSITE: www.urbanillusion.com

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DarkStar (Official Music Video)
Official Music Video For "DarkStar". Title track in support of the novel "DarkStar" by Carol J Hansen. Lyrics, Music & Song Production by Matt Lande.Music Video Director: Carol HansenAmrie: ...

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Amrie (Official Music Video)
Official Music Video For "Amrie". "Amrie" is an interlude off of the EP titled "DarkStar"...Music in support of the novel "DarkStar" by Carol J Hansen. Lyrics, Music & Song Production by Matt Land...

The making of the DarkStar Videos
July 7 - 11, 2012

Matt & I went shopping for
      "Alec" clothes:)       

Daniel had us on a tight schedule so we hit the  
                                                           Wind Caves trail head at 6:00 a.m. Daniel,                                                                 Matt & Haley beginning our 2 mile hike "up" to                                                                 the caves:)

We received some pretty interesting comments from people seeing us carrying all our gear up the mountain side...especially Matt with his guitar:)


   Matt experiencing                        
Rocky Mountain High:)
     (Love this pic:)


                                                                                  Haley & Kinzie...ever tried
                                                                         getting ready for a video shoot on
                                                                           the mountain...after a kick butt hike??

  Daniel Webster...
          our amazing cinematographer:)
        Check out more of his work at


                                                                               Haley & Matt -- My Amrie & Alec
                                                                                   on top of the Wind Caves...
                                                                                       one of my favorite pics:)


     Matt singing DarkStar on the
             bridge of the Wind Caves



                                                                Me & Haley talkin' about the next shoot.
                                                               Who would have EVER thought I would
                                                             direct a music video...and one for MY novel!
                                                                                              Crazy fun!!!


Matt hangin' off the cliff, singing DarkStar
             while "Amrie" is in the caves:)



                                                           Me with my Alec & Amrie on top of the Wind
                                                  Caves. Do you know how awesome it is having your
                                                            Characters come to life!?? Pretty sweet:):)


Haley was suppose to be distraught because  Amrie just fell off the cliff.
Every time she  "climbed" back up, this is what we saw...
             a huge smile and lots of giggles...lol:)

   Hikin' off the mountain is soooo much
              easier than going up!
A nice family gave Matt a frozen Gatorade:)


    Daniel and camera man, Russ Mayo, getting  ready to shoot  at             Second Dam:)

                                                                           Amrie with the rose Alec gives her...
                                                                                         She goes to Second Dam:)



        Matt checkin' out
             the next scene:)



Alec chases after Amrie

                                                                                                 Kinzie was part of the film                                                                                                        crew. I don't know  what we                                                                                                would have done without her!                                                                                                              Thanx Kinz!!:)


What Daniel won't do for a great shot...



  Russ too...
    ...his "in the water" shot....lol:)

Matt sang so much he was hoarse at the end of the day!                             
                      One of his Second Dam shots.... :)


                Another Second Dam shot...

  Alec consoles Amrie...
               you all know what she does next ;)



It was sooo hot, but Matt still
                                          dressed the part:)

         The Jeep shots were filmed at First Dam:)

Alec & Amrie have to say goodby:(


Everyone asks me  why I'm not in the  video.  I AM!!!!
 I'm driving the Jeep... my first cameo!!
  I look great, huh!...lol

Still love this pic! What was the world
doing while we were filming??? What
did we ever do without our phones???





         Filming "Amrie":)


Matt getting ready to play on
    the summit above Bear Lake:)




One last song at dusk above Bear Lake
                                                   ...an emotional DarkStar:)

In February, Matt & I put our project on the site, "Kickstarter" seeking financial backers. We had an awesome response and reached our goal! We offered incentives to those who pledged money, so this pic is of us signing CD's, pictures and writing thank you letters to our backers. 

We appreciate our backers soooo much because without them .... you wouldn't be hearing our awesome music or watching these videos yet. Thanks again to all of them!! Their names are posted on my DarkStar Music page.


Last, but not least ... this is our "wrap it up" pic, taken right before we headed out. Was hard taking Matt to the airport because it meant this phase of our project was over. BUT...there's more to come so we're both looking forward to the next venture!:)

 To read my blog about shooting
  our  videos, go to my BLOG page  and clink on my BLOG LINK...
       it will take you right there:)

It's a Wrap.....for now!;)

Life is a journey... embrace it!

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