DarkStar...the epic begins - Welcome to my magical DarkStar world!

DarkStar...the novel
An ancient obligation...
A reluctant wizard who despises having it forced upon him...
A mystical romance full of passion, mystery and intrigue...
A conflicting power struggle haunting two magical brothers....
DARKSTAR .... the epic begins
If you read my "About Me" page, you read the reason I wrote DarkStar. It has been an amazing journey thus far, but what I didn't expect is for it to become as popular as it is. As an author we hope our book will do well and would love to have a best seller, but when you begin having fans all around the world it is so awesome and very humbling.

DarkStar is a fun fantasy that keeps pace with the other amazing stories that the fans of this genre love. This fantasy/paranormal/romance/epic appeals to readers of all ages, male and female. Some believe that it is a cross between Harry Potter and Twilight, but DarkStar definitely holds it's own. Even my editor was surprised and delighted at the different twist my story has. I have loved every minute of creating my characters and their world and I hope you will love them as much as I do!

Having DarkStar chosen a s a semi-finalist in the Kindle Book reviews Best Indie Books of 2012 was a fun honor.

DarkStar is available on my DarkStar Market page as well as:

A quick synopsis:
The powerful Warshaw Wizardry threatens extinction when Ayden, its disloyal heir, is banned and his younger brother, seventeen year old, Alec is expected to resume their grandfather’s position as Grand Wizard of Warwickshire. Alec is reluctantly thrown into a magical world where he detests the painful powers being forced upon him. Disillusioned and in danger, he is sent to temporarily live with a trusted uncle where he is baffled by an unusual attraction to acquaintance, sixteen year old Amrie.

Intrigued by his British background, Amrie’s life dangerously intertwines with Alec’s as she witnesses his struggles with peculiar powers and as they try to figure out their strange, but definite connection. Amrie’s mysterious dreams, a gift from her dying grandfather and Alec’s family crest seem to be the links that bond them together.

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