DarkStar...the epic begins - Welcome to my magical DarkStar world!
HI! I'm Carol J. Hansen. I live in the wonderful state of Utah with my husband and I have three married children and eight incredibly beautiful grandchildren. I am a hairstylist and I love my profession, both doing hair and nails and also being an educator -- apprenticing students. I love nature and enjoy spending time in the great outdoors, especially being in our beautiful mountains.

  Some years ago I had an idea for a Girls Camp book that I wanted to write, but ended up putting that aside and running in a different direction.  As a teenager, a special friend gave me the nickname, DarkStar and my symbol was the moon and star, so when I decided to write my first novel, it was written around those very things. My friend's nickname was Wizard so I thought it only appropriate that the book be about...a wizard. With the name DarkStar, I knew my story needed to be a magical, mystical fantasy and that's exactly what it is! There is something intriguing about being able to push your mind to the limit and to use your imagination to create worlds and the characters they evolve around. What you learn about yourself is priceless as you explore your capabilities. I believe that time is precious and it needs to be spent well.

For those of you waiting for my second book, Wizard, I appreciate your patience. Go to my Dare to Dream Blog page and read more about why it's taking me so long to finish my second book.

Check out my other pages and see all the fun stuff I have going on....

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