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My DarkStar World began a long time ago and was a figment of my imagination. It has now opened into a magical world of word and song with my first novel, music and video.  The road to where I am at has been a great experience and I'm finally picking up where I left off.

I need to apologize to all of the wonderful readers who have been faithful fan's of my novel, DarkStar --  the first book of my trilogy. As you know, trilogy means 3 and  since DarkStar was published I have promised to get Wizard, the second of the series, out for all of you who are waiting.  But I just haven't done it. And for that....
  It is now to the point that it's embarrassing ... not following through with my promise.

But, ya know what? Sometimes promises are left unfilled because life happens and you can't do as you have planned or as you would like too.
If you
check out my blog, I will share more of why Wizard hasn't been finished yet. My blog is called,
"Dare to Dream" because that is how I sign my books. I believe that having dreams is wonderful, but what happens when the fire of that dream becomes just a smolder...or is even doused?

That is where I've been ... my fire has been smoldering. It has never been doused, but it has sure been turned on low and set on the back burner.

I'm excited to say that the flame has been reignited and it's time I get new inspiration and desire to keep pursuing my dream.


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My DarkStar world includes my novel, an official 3 song EP written, recorded and produced by musician, Matt Lande and two music video's! 
Go to my DarkStar Music
page and check out this awesome venture and
how it all came about.

I also hope you will take the time to scroll through my pages and learn more about me, my DarkStar world and all of the wonderful things I have going on with it. I'm excited to launch my DarkStar Market where you will be able to purchase my book & 3 song DarkStar EP. Check out my DarkStar EverDream and other awesome stuff!

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Carol :)

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